VAL Special Event Round 2

Event is live!

Play Rock-Paper-Scissors against other players and win CATMOS and VAL!

Upload an offer file that offers one of either Rock (CATRCK), Paper (CATPPR) or Scissors (CAT6OR) and requests 2000 CATMOS and 1000 VAL.

Every round, two submitted offers will be selected at random to “battle” according to Rock/Paper/Scissors rules.

The offer that wins the round will be accepted. The offer that loses the round will be returned to the submitted offers pool is eligible for future rounds.

More rules and details

  • For each win, you will be rewarded with 2000 CATMOS and 1000 VAL. You will need at least one CATMOS Rock, Paper or Scissors Need some? Check for Rock, Paper or Scissors.
  • Upload an Offer File that offers exactly one of either Rock (CATRCK), Paper (CATPPR) or Scissors (CAT6OR).
  • Request exactly 2000 of CATMOS and 1000 of VAL. You may make multiple offers!
  • You may also upload a separate Bonus Offer File that proves you own 1 CATMOS ZERO or 5000 VALG to increase your chances of being chosen to play a round.
  • The Bonus Offer File must offer exactly one of CATMOS ZERO or 5000 of VALG.
  • The Bonus Offer File should request 100,000 XCH or more to protect your rare coin(s). This offer will never be accepted, it just proves ownership.